Is it okay to drive in Singapore?

Posted by admin on 2022年1月31日

Singapore is one of the few countries where expatriates are allowed to drive.

“But suddenly driving abroad …”

Some of you may be worried.

Expatriates who often use cars to pick up and drop off business travelers and visit customers.
Especially at first, I was worried about how to drive.
This time I will answer such a question.

Things to prepare

First, there are four things to prepare for driving in Singapore.

  • International Driving License
  • Smartphone Holder
  • Google Maps
  • EZLINK Card

You can drive with an international driver’s license for one year from the day you are assigned.
If you have one day, you can get it issued at the police station or license center.
You will need to convert your local license within a year, which I will explain at another time.

At first I just don’t know the way.

Since all the expatriates are busy, there are many cases where you have to drive alone.
Smartphone navigation is useful in such cases.
Therefore, a holder to install the smartphone is indispensable.

Smartphone holder

You can buy it at a gas station in Singapore or AUTOBACS, but it is quite expensive, so it is better to bring it from Japan or buy in Daiso.

Every car has a car navigation system, but the road is old and not very convenient.
Google Map is recommended in such a case.

Google Map

It is especially useful at first because it even advises you which lane you should go.

Toll roads and parking lots called ERP are deducted from the card (like ETC in Japan).
At that time, EZLINK card is used.


You can use it not only when driving, but also when you get on the subway or bus, so buy it as soon as you arrive.
You can easily purchase and charge at subway stations and 7-Eleven stores.

Singapore Traffic conditions

Singapore is the same as Japan with left-hand traffic and right-hand drive.
The traffic lights are the same as in Japan, so you will not be confused when driving.

The following three points make me feel that driving is different from Japan.

  • There is a lane dedicated to turning left
  • There are many one-way boulevards
  • While driving, I sometimes get a terrible squall

To be honest, the amount of rain is not so scary at first 😱
But at that time everyone slows down, so if you drive slowly, it is not dangerous. Please be assured.


Congestion is heavy in other Southeast Asian countries such as Bangkok, Jakarta and Manila, but there is almost no congestion in Singapore.

This is because the government restricts the possession of automobiles as a national policy to prevent traffic congestion.
It is said that the national car ownership rate is about one-fifth.

In order to own a car, you have to purchase the right to acquire a vehicle by bidding, which costs at least several million yen.

I’ve been driving in Singapore for over 4 years and I’ve rarely been in a traffic jam.
I feel that it is much easier to drive than in Tokyo because there are few cars.

Driving etiquette

Singapore’s driving etiquette is by no means good

The feeling of driving a Singaporean is

without giving way anyway

to honk well.

Singaporeans who have survived a fiercely competitive society. It doesn’t give way at all.
Even if I often change lanes and put out a turn signal, it will not open, and the horn will be honked from behind 😅

I think that it will be stressful until you get used to it. There are only two tips below.
Remember the routes you use often, change lanes with plenty of time.
Safety first, and ignore the crushing from behind.

About gas stations

Singapore gas stations (Petrol Station) have good service.

There is almost no self, and the person in charge will guide you when you enter.
It is very easy to select the type of gasoline and pay at the cash register.

When the air in the tires is low, the person in charge will take care of it, and it’s completely exhausted.

If you have a membership card and ID card, you can easily make it on the spot, so please apply.
If you collect points, you will get a discount.

Other things to watch out for

The side brake is at the foot of your left foot.
At first, I was a little confused as to “Where is the side brake?”, But soon I get used to it.

The entrance to the parking lot of the old building is very narrow.
I rubbed several times at the entrance of the company parking lot or the parking lot of the shopping mall and was often angry 😓

When I rubbed it, the local repair company is fast and cheap.
If you bring your car to a repair shop, it will give you an estimate (about several thousand yen) and repair it on the spot.

Conclusion It’s easier than in Japan if you drive calmly!

How was that.

Rough driving of Singapore requires a little getting used to, but if you can drive calmly, it will be comfortable because there is no traffic jam.

In particular, toll roads and parking lots are automatically deducted, so there is no need to worry about losing parking tickets, which is rather convenient.

Singapore is a small country so you can easily remember the road. Enjoy a comfortable driving life such as a holiday drive.