How to protect yourself from mosquitoes in Singapore?

Posted by admin on 2022年2月5日

Mosquitoes are everywhere in hot places.
Not only does it suck blood and make us feel itchy, but it is also a terrifying entity that carries diseases such as malaria and dengue fever.

“Singapore is hot and there are many mosquitoes, but what kind of measures should I take?”

This time I will answer such a question.

Actually, I rarely see it!

Singapore is a subtropical country.
There should be a lot of them, but I rarely see them in the city or at home.
So you don’t need to take any measures like this! !!

Did you feel relieved?😊

Mosquito Control

The answer is mosquito control, which is done on a regular basis.
In Singapore, the country is spraying pesticides throughout the city to prevent infectious diseases such as dengue fever.

At my house, a large amount of pesticide is sprinkled at a pace of about every other week.

There was a roaring noise like a lawn mower, so when I looked outside, an uncle wearing a gas mask was sprinkling a large amount of pesticide on the surrounding trees and grass.

This smoke (insecticide) also rises to the upper floors, so be sure to close the windows when you hear a noise.

I forgot to close the window and the room was covered with smoke 😅
It smells like chemicals.

Since the insecticidal treatment is carried out thoroughly in this way, there is almost no concern about mosquitoes.

Who still cares?

That doesn’t mean you don’t see it at all.
I live on the lower floors, so about one animal may come into the room.

There are two countermeasures in such a case.

The higher the floor, the less insects to enter.

When looking for a home in Singapore, I think it’s one of the conditions.

In my case, I gave up because the upper floors were so popular that they were filled.

Vape is used as a measure against mosquitoes.
I brought it from Japan, but it works just as well.
Thanks to this, you will not be bitten by mosquitoes at home.


In the unlikely event that you have an infectious disease, even if you take all possible measures, it does not mean that it will not take 100%.

Be especially careful when you are on a business trip or going to golf.

The infectious disease represented in Singapore is dengue fever.

There is no cure for dengue fever, and you have to get symptomatic treatment at the hospital.

In the unlikely event of an outbreak, you need to go to the hospital or call an ambulance.

If you are an expatriate, the medical service agent with which the company is affiliated is available 24 hours a day, so I think it’s okay if you call the contact information (basically Japanese is also available).

If you still can’t get in touch, call 995 (all in English) and call an ambulance.

Conclusion No countermeasures required! If you are worried, use Vape!

How was that.

Since Singapore has good hygiene management, there is little concern about infectious diseases such as dengue fever.

If you are still worried, please try to strengthen the measures such as bringing in vapor.