How to repel ants in Singapore!?

Posted by admin on 2022年2月6日

In Singapore, ants are more of a concern at home than geckos and cockroaches.

It’s very strange, but ants also come upstairs.
Ants come into every house.
Once you enter it, it will not disappear easily.

So, this time, I will explain how to repel ants.

There are ways to get rid of ants! !!

“I’m in trouble because the ants aren’t gone at all …”

I think there are many residents who have such troubles, but don’t worry.

One month after I moved into my house, it became the ant’s house 😅
I didn’t want to be robbed of my house by ants, so I tried the following three repulsion methods.

  • Cleaning
  • insecticide spray
  • ant repellent gel

I will explain each repelling method from now on.

How to repel # 1 Cleaning

Maybe because of the warm climate all year round, ants will come even with a little chance.
If you spill a little juice or if the food scraps of sweets fall to the floor, they will become prey to ants at once.

Therefore, I thoroughly cleaned up the things that could be food to prevent ants from approaching.
But this method has no effect.
Because the ants live in the building itself and are constantly searching for food, including in other rooms.

These ants not only flock to sweet things, but also to turtle food and toothpaste.
It’s pretty tough to shut out ants’ food by cleaning.

It’s a little preventive, but it’s difficult to completely eliminate ants’ food 😅

How to repel #2 Insecticide spray

The next thing I tried was an insecticide spray.
I used the ones sold at the supermarket.


Spray on a flock of ants.
As it is an insecticide, it can be knocked down in an instant.
The spray has a quick effect, but it only works for a few days.

After a week, I find food and come back into my house.
The effect of the insecticide spray is one week.

After this period, ants will invade again…

How to repel #3 Antgel

Cleaning and pesticides do not work …
I was at a loss and consulted with a local collegue.

SHe recommended a commercially available Antgel.
You can buy it at the supermarket for about S $ 10.

This is a so-called poison bait, which brings a substance that suppresses the activity of ants back to the nest and destroys the nest itself.
To use it, just drop a drop on the place where ants flock.
They flock there and return to the nest as they are.


The ants completely gone after an hour.
This will save you from seeing ants for a couple of months.

Antgel is the most effective.
It’s sold at supermarkets, so be sure to buy it! !!

Summary Ant gel to get rid of ants! !!

How was that.

If you live in Singapore, you will surely suffer from the problem of ant invasion.
There are many ants here and they are tough.

If you’re having trouble with an ant procession in your house, try repelling it with a commercially available ant gel.
A drop is valid for 2 to 3 months, but regular use will definitely help.
Please, try it! !!