Roadmap for rewriting your Singapore driver’s license

Posted by admin on 2022年2月6日

Once you get used to living in Singapore, it’s time to rewrite your driver’s license.
You can drive with an international driver’s license, but the expiration date is only one year.

If you are living in Singapore for the first time,

“How do I go through the procedure?”

 “What do I prepare?”

“The test seems to be difficult …”

I think you have this kind of anxiety.

This time, I will explain the procedure for rewriting an international driver’s license.

Procedure of converting driving lisence

The procedure is as follows.

  • Apply for rewrite test 
  • Take in the textbook
  • Test the Singapore driver’s license 

Let’s explain one by one.

Applying for the test 

Applying for and taking the test will be done at the designated license center.

There are three license centers in Singapore.

Bukit Batok Driving Center

815 Bukit Batok West Ave 5, Singapore 659085

ComfortDelGro Driving Center

205 Ubi Ave 4, Singapore 408805

Singapore Safety Driving Center

2 Woodlands Industrial Park E4, Singapore 757387

You must apply for the Basic Theory Test (BTT) at one of the three.
You can apply either at the counter or online.

If you are online, you may not know what to fill in, so it is safe for beginners to apply at the counter.
Go to the reception of the license center and get a numbered ticket.

When your number is called, tell the staff “I want to take the BTT” and they will proceed without permission.
Please bring your passport, visa and international driver’s license when applying.
The staff will show you the test schedule, so choose a date and time to make a reservation.
It usually takes 2-4 weeks, depending on how busy it is.

Once the test date is decided, you will have to pay the test fee of S $ 6.5 and your application is complete.

Once you have a look at the venue when you apply at the counter, you will not be at a loss on the day of the test.

The traffic rule learning

The test consists of 50 elective questions in Singapore’s traffic rules, and 45 correct answers pass.
The questions are in English and have Singapore-specific traffic rules, so if you lick them, you will get stuck.

If you study hard for about a week, there will be no problem, so be prepared 💪
The efficient learning methods I recommend are as follows.

  • Purchase textbooks and question books 
  • Read through
  • Practice with textbooks 
  • Review with app 
  • Mock test with textbooks 
  • Review again with textbooks
  • Bring up to 95% pass rate with app test

First, buy textbooks and question books prize.
It is located at the Kinokuniya bookstore cash register.
Each can be purchased for S $ 5.

After purchasing, read through the textbook first.

You don’t have to understand everything.
First of all, it is important to read through.

After reading through, let’s solve the problem collection.
You can’t do it at all at first, but don’t worry.

Please review only the mistaken part in the textbook and try the problem collection again.
If you repeat this about twice, I think you can get the correct answer for more than half.

Next, let’s download the BTT App.
This app is recommended because it is in the actual test format.

You may have a hard time at first, but the good thing about the app is that you can start over again.
As you make mistakes, you will find out what you are not good at.
If you review it in a textbook, the correct answer rate will increase to 70%, 80%, and 90%.
If you go up to 95%, you can hope for a test, so let’s do it until you can reach that goal.

App alone is pretty good, but it will be useful to learn traffic rules in a textbook later.


Take the admission ticket you received at the time of booking and enter the venue one hour in advance.
Because you can take a mock exam before taking the exam.

There is a computer room for mock exams at the license center.
Therefore, it is good to practice the answer.

When it’s time, I’ll enter the test site.
Ask the staff for the seat number and go to the designated seat.

You can bring in a dictionary, so it’s a good idea to tell the staff in advance.
After receiving the explanation of the exam, the exam has started.

The test time is 1 hour.

The questions is almost as same as App, so let’s solve it calmly.
After completing the entry, review it and click the submit button.

You can pass or fail on the spot.
When the exam is over, leave and wait for the next procedure.

If it fails, the test will be rebooked at the reception.
If you pass, you can watch a video for safe driving in a separate room.

This video is ugly😱
A photo of the accident site will appear without modification.
After seeing it, you will feel like driving, so it is recommended to move by train, bus, or taxi on the day.

After that, fill in the address to send the driver’s license at the delivery counter and pay the issuance fee of S $ 50 to complete.

License Receiving 

Your license will be sent to you about a week after the test is completed.
If you send your driver’s license to the company, you will receive it smoothly.
You will be given a paper temporary license at the license center, so it is a good idea to keep it until you receive it.



The above is the roadmap for renewing your license.
Now that we havea useful app, let’s make good use of it and keep track of the problem points.

As repeat it, you will naturally get the hang of it.

I hope it will be helpful for those who will be rewriting from now on.