Should expatriates be able to drink alcohol?

Posted by admin on 2022年2月6日

Drinking parties are depressing for people who are weak in alcohol.
However, the liquor situation of expatriates who are not open unexpectedly.

I can’t drink alcohol, so before I’m assigned

・ It seems to be difficult to entertain when listening to the stories of expatriates in China.

・ How often do you have a drinking party?

I felt this kind of anxiety.

I searched online, but there wasn’t much information about drinking parties for Southeast Asian expatriates.

That’s why this time I will explain the drinking party situation of Southeast Asian expatriates for those who are weak in alcohol.

It’s okay if you can’t drink.

You can live in Japan even if you can’t drink.
I can’t drink alcohol myself, but the fact that I’ve been stationed for 5 years is the best proof 😌 

There are a certain number of expatriates at our business partners who can’t drink alcohol at all.
At least in Southeast Asia, I rarely drink hard every day.

Many people do not drink alcohol for religious reasons.
That said, it can also be drunk by local greats and other Japanese expatriates.

How do you deal with such a situation? I will explain how to do it.

For local business partners

Southeast Asia has many Islamic countries, so there are not as many opportunities to drink with local companies as in Japan.
It is an image about once every two to three months.

However, there are quite a few people who like alcohol when their business partners are overseas Chinese.
There are many patterns in which a toast is made with beer and then whiskey is transferred.

In most cases, even if you say that you are weak in alcohol, you will be told once that you should drink because it is good 😅

The response to local customers is to let them acknowledge the fact that alcohol is weak.
I think that sales people are reluctant to refuse from the beginning and be distracted.
Exceptfor those who do not accept alcohol at all, let’s go out with them only once within a reasonable range.

In my case, I fell asleep on the spot after drinking 😪
Maybe I found out that the customers couldn’t drink, but after that, I wouldn’t force them to drink, but they would let me drink soft drinks on the way. It came to be.
If you know the fact that you can’t drink, you won’t be crushed by drinking.

Even if you can’t drink alcohol, if you work hard during the day, you can naturally get along with your local business partners.

In the case of drinking parties between Japanese people

Most of the opportunities for expatriates to drink alcohol are drinking parties with business travelers and other expatriates.

There is a way to not participate in the drinking party itself, but it is not realistic to decline all.
If you can’t drink, let the people around you know in advance that you are vulnerable to alcohol.

At first glance it’s simple, but weak people should definitely do it.
People who can drink alcohol are basically recommended at their own pace.

If you drink too much and interfere with your work the next day, you will not have any children.
People who become expatriates are basically sensible, so if you tell them first, they will rarely be drunk until they are crushed.

If there are still people who can drink, you can just appeal with Alhara 😌
You don’t have to be a strong drinker just because you are a representative.

If you can’t drink it, let people know.

Frequency of drinking parties

There are quite a lot of drinking parties for expatriates.

Before Corona, I had at least 2-3 times a week.

The reason is as follows.

  • The place for interaction between Japanese companies is a liquor table 
  • Invited by the relief of the boss who is assigned to work alone

There are still many companies that consider it to be a member’s job.
This is the culture of the company, so I have no choice but to give up.

As mentioned above, if you tell them that you can’t drink, you can survive.
There are also many exchanges between Japanese companies such as 〇〇kai.

Regarding this, you can choose to participate or not, so I think that you only have to come out when necessary.
It doesn’t matter if your boss’s companion is able to relieve you by drinking, but if not, it’s okay to decline.

Whether at home or abroad, work is for the growth of our customers and ourselves.
It’s better to rest well and prepare for the next day than to spend hours unproductive drinking parties.

I attend voluntary drinking parties once every few months, but it doesn’t hurt my work relationships.
In the first place, I think that companies that force drinking parties should quit early 😌

I often refuse because “Amazon is coming” and “I have a prior contract”.

Summary It doesn’t matter if you can drink or not

It’s true that there are many opportunities to drink, but that’s not all.

People who are weak in alcohol can participate only when necessary, and after that, if they concentrate on their daytime work, they can live a resident life without any problems.

Even when you have to drink, do not overdo it and survive at your own pace.