Surprising solution when a safe box breaks down in Singapore 

Posted by admin on 2022年2月6日

Trouble is common in Singapore homes.
How can Singapore solve a problem when a house’s equipment breaks down?
This time I will talk about when the safe in my house broke.

As expected it is a condominium! !!

Everyone is excited about the first day of moving.
I was also impressed by the new room and the facilities I had never seen.

After searching for a house, the closet of the room I decided to live in had a safe.
I found a safety box in the closet!

There is a safety box that you can only see at a hotel …
Immediately I put in valuables such as my wallet and passport.

But at that moment the trouble started.

Sudden failure! !!

Follow the instructions on the table to register and lock your security code.
Since it was the first time, I made it a simple number and changed 0 to four.

I repeated opening and closing several times, and it seemed to be usable safely, so I kept it as it was.

On that day, I was planning to return to Japan temporarily, and I started preparing for departure three hours before the flight.
The moment I tried to remove my wallet and passport from the safe, a tragedy occurred.

It won’t open … 😱

 I’ve tried it many times but it doesn’t seem to open.

I panicked for a moment, but I regained my mind and hurriedly called the agent.

“Fs, calm down first! I’ll be there soon.”

The agent said so, and after regaining some calm, I decided to wait for help.

A savior appears!

After waiting 30 minutes, the agent brought an uncle.
The uncle was a locksmith called Locksmith.

Uncle who takes out the safety box immediately and confirms the structure.

And I took something out of my bag.

I was wondering if it was a device to unlock it or something, but what I took out was a drill.

”What a brute force … 😱”

Uncle who started to make holes without any hesitation.

After 10 minutes of drilling, the door popped open.

I safely took out my wallet and passport and headed to the airport.

Since it was the first day, I wasn’t charged by the agent.

Right now I’m using a safety box with a hole as just a box 😌

Summary I forcibly opened it with a drill! !!

How was that.

I don’t know if your home has a safe, but if so, we don’t recommend putting in valuables.

If you have trouble, use Locksmith.

It is open 24 hours a day, so if something goes wrong, it will be very helpful, so please give it a try.