The story of buying a turtle in Singapore

Posted by admin on 2021年12月11日

I want a pet

The days when I continue to work from home due to the influence of Corona. I can’t go anywhere in Singapore, where there are restrictions on going out, and the only thing I can do is shop at the supermarket. Well, stress builds up … I was thinking of keeping a pet.

Speaking of pets, dogs and cats are standard, but I can’t take care of them if I go on a business trip after deregulation. When I thought about a pet that didn’t take much effort, I came up with a turtle. I wonder if turtles are sold to Singapore in the first place. I immediately tried google.

Turtles are also sold normally in Singapore!

Restrictions on going out have been relaxed, and we immediately went to a pet shop in Singapore.It seems to be sold at Nanyang Trading Aquarium, an aqua shop in the northern part of Singapore.

The pet shop was quite large, with food and aquariums in the foreground, and a lot of aquatic life such as fish and turtles in the back.

I found a baby turtle and picked up two that seemed to be fine. The price is S $ 7!
The cost is as follows.

2 turtles S $ 7
Aquarium S $ 25
S $ 14 without chlorine
Filter S $ 10.5
Food S $ 9.8
Pay a total of S $ 66.3 (about 5,000 yen) at the cash register, have the turtle put in a plastic bag, and go home.

Go home and put stones, filters and water in the aquarium to complete the turtle house!

Turtles are easy to buy!

As you can see, turtles are sold normally, and the initial cost is not high and it is easy to buy. As I learned later, it is also available in pet stores such as PET LOVERS in shopping malls.

However, turtles are delicate creatures, and it seems that it takes time to get used to them. Especially when you buy a baby turtle, please be careful and keep it!