What are the benefits of expatriates?

Posted by admin on 2022年3月13日

Expatriates who are busy with business trips and dealing with overseas customers.
In fact, its merits are still unknown.
Before I was assigned to work

“It seems to be difficult for foreigners, but is there any merit?”

“Isn’t the salary much different?”

“Is it worth the effort to study English?”

I had such a question.

In fact, expatriates have many benefits.

This time, I will share the good points of the expatriates that I felt after living abroad for three years.

Benefits of becoming an expatriate

There are at least this many things that make me happy to be an expatriate.

  • Higher salary
  • Easy commuting
  • Increases discretion in work
  • Increases understanding of the situation of the entire company
  • Acquires
  • English
  • Acquires stress tolerance
  • Can be exposed to diversity

I’m convinced that expatriates have more benefits than difficulty.

Your salary will increase

If you work overseas, your salary will increase. ✌️
As with any company, you will be paid an overseas work allowance.

There are variations depending on the company, but roughly speaking, the image is about 1.3 to 1.5 times that of Japan.

If you work in a remote area, you will get a hardship allowance in addition to this, so it will be even higher.
Hardship allowances are often determined by region.

You become an expatriate, you will be registered as a resident at your new location, so there will be no local tax inJapan.
There is a merit of about tens of thousands of yen a month.

The other big thing is rent.
In most cases, it will be borne by the company, so this is also an advantage of expatriates.

Easy commuting

Expatriates live near their basic office because company pay the rental.
There is also a driver in some areas.

If you use public transportation, you can commute within 30 minutes, and if you have a driver, you can sleep in the car, so commuting is overwhelmingly easy.

I want to see Japan I’m swayed by a crowded train every day, and by the time I get to the office, I don’t feel like I’m sick.

It is perfect for people who like work because it has an environment where you can concentrate on your daily work.
It’s so easy that I can’t stand commuting in Japan 😅

More discretion in my work

Assigned overseas, I often get one or two steps higher than the position I was in Japan.
For example, if you are a section chief in Japan, it feels like a manager if you are at an overseas base.
As the position goes up, the range that you can decide by yourself will increase, which will be very rewarding.

Of course, each one is my responsibility, which increases stress, but being able to control my work is more fun than I imagined.
This is also one of the attractions of expatriates.

Also, in Japan, the approval process is long, such as in charge → section chief → department manager → officer, but overseas, there are few people in the first place, so in many cases it is OK if you get the consent of your direct supervisor.

“Can work be done so quickly?”

I often think it.

If you have a feeling of blockage in your daily work, we recommend that you go abroad once.

To know the situation of the whole company,

It may be surprising but you can see the situation of the compnay.

There are two reasons.

  • Overseas, the barriers between departments are low
  • There are many opportunities to talk with management

We handle multiple products, support each operating company, and work across organizations overseas.
As the number of people involved in nature increases, it becomes easier to collect information.

Quite often, management may drop in at a representative office on a business trip.
In that case, we will also have a dinner so you can listen to the whole situation as long as there is no problem.

Improve your English

Of course, there are individual differences, but you will definitely improve your English.
This is because there is no option to not speak English when you are abroad.

Meetings, business negotiations, and email exchanges are conducted in basic English, so you will inevitably acquire listening, writing, and speaking skills.

As you are forced to use English every day like this, even people who are not good at English will be able to communicate easily.

It’s difficult to be a native, but it’s a great advantage to not have a hard time interacting with overseas customers.
There is a difference between what you can do in simple English and what you can’t.


English, unfamiliar work environment, breakdown of home equipment, etc.
Overseas, you will experience failures and troubles on a daily basis.

It’s all about things that don’t go well, so stress builds up, but as you overcome them one by one, you’ll get an unmoving heart without realizing it.

Similar to sports training,

load (stress) is applied → recover and become stronger

As you repeat this, you will be naturally trained.
Overseas is full of troubles, so just spending time will make you stronger.

Exposed to diversity

People you are working with are foreigners.
I am surprised every day because my outlook on life and how to proceed with my work are completely different from those in Japan.

When talking to customers and local employees, I often feel that “I have this kind of thinking 😲”.
Some of them are wonderful ideas, and I try to incorporate them in Japan as well.
Being exposed to diversity in everyday work is one of the merits of expatriates.

As you experience a variety of ideas, your withdrawals will increase.

Summary Lots of benefits!should have experienced it once

To reiterate, the merits of expatriates are:

  • Salary increases
  • Commuting is easier
  • Work discretion increases
  • Understanding the situation of the entire company
  • LearningEnglish
  • Stress tolerance
  • With diversity

Being busyExpatriates are often difficult, but there are many benefits like this.

Since the period during which you can experience expatriate in your company life is very short, we recommend that you try it once.