What is the outfit of the expatriate? (Southeast Asia only)

Posted by admin on 2022年2月5日

Singapore, a country of everlasting summer.

“What kind of clothes do expatriates work in? “

Before I was assigned, I was very worried.

Business travelers from Japan often ask me about clothes.
This time, I will talk about the clothes of expatriates.


The average temperature in Singapore is less than 30 degrees Celsius. It’s summer all year round 🌻

I was in Japan in March when it was still chilly, but soon after I came in a winter suit, I got sweaty.
You will definitely regret coming in thick clothes.

By the way, major cities in Southeast Asia such as Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Jakarta, Manila and Hanoi are also everlasting summer.

I think Japanese expatriates often wear summer slacks and long-sleeved shirts.
On the other hand, my company is based on chinos and polo shirts, which is very easy.

“The room is cold! !!”

It’s hot outside, but it’s extremely cold inside. ❄️
In every building, the set temperature of the air conditioner is around 18 ℃.
It’s not beer, but it’s hospitality to cool it down 😅

If you come with one short sleeve just because it’s hot, you’ll catch a cold.
Southeast Asian expatriates have a hoodie in their office and wear it over their shirts to keep out the cold in the room.

So be sure to bring something to wear.

A hoodie is a must!

Clothes when going out

I understand the inside of the office, but what do you do when you go out for business trips or business talks? Is often asked.

The same is true when going out.
Unless it’s a very big ceremony, customers won’t wear jackets either.
I myself have met great people from various companies, but I never saw anyone wearing a jacket and I don’t even need a tie.

Many companies other than Japanese companies work in polo shirts.
When I visit a local company, I often wear a polo shirt.

Because if you wear a shirt, you probably have money, so if you go to a place that is a little unsafe, you will be more likely to be targeted.

From a safety standpoint, we recommend wearing a polo shirt if the company allows it.

Other precautions

While living in Southeast Asia, you don’t need winter clothes, but if you don’t have winter clothes, you won’t be able to return to Japan during the cold season such as the end of the year.

You don’t have to bring it with you when you’re assigned, but it’s a good idea to send only one afterwards, such as by sea.

If you find it difficult to send from Japan, you can also buy UNIQLO and MUJI in Singapore.
However, the price is a little high (about 1.5 times that of Japan).

Golf courses also have few dress codes.

There is no problem with shorts and T-shirts in the clubhouse.

Conclusion summer slacks + long-sleeved shirt

Cool Biz is OK.

If the company is OK, Chinos + polo shirts are safe and easy, and easy to wash, so I recommend them.
Please talk with your boss 💪